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Fitostimoline®, an Italian story

  1. 1945

    The term Fitostimoline® derives from the scientist Volodomir Filatov's theory of biostimulants: “any tissue, excised from its support and stored under stressful conditions, will develop substances that enable it to react to the unfavourable environment.”

  2. 1946

    Applying the scientist's theories to shoots of Triticum vulgare results in the discovery of regenerative properties in its aqueous extract.

  3. 1960

    Marketing of the first Fitostimoline® formulation: Fitostimoline® Crema.

  4. 1970

    Marketing of Fitostimoline® Garze.

  5. 2017

    Research and development activities result in the creation of Rigenase®, a patented specific wheat extract that is an ingredient of the medical devices Fitostimoline® Plus Garze and Crema, Fitostimoline® Spray and Fitostimoline® Idrogel.